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Budd Beverage Soda Labels
SKU #: VLC1005

These antique beverage labels from Budd Beverages measure 4.25” Wide x 3.8” High and date back to the 1930s. The labels feature a Champaign glass in the center with the slogan “The Taste Tells”. The labels offered include Creamy Root Beer, Golden Ginger Ale, Imitation Grape Soda, Orange Soda, and a Beverages label that went on different soda flavor bottles and the flavor was designated on the top or “Crown”. The drinks were produced by Newport Bottling Works of Newport, New Hampshire.

Budd’s Beverages, Inc. was founded by Alexander Budnitz in 1916, originally planned to serve as a grocery store for the Polish immigrants of Newport, New Hampshire.  In 1922 Budd’s Beverages started using the Newport Bottling Works and began manufacturing carbonated beverages. By the 1930s, Budd’s Beverages was well known for their production of many popular sodas of the day. Some of their special brands included Dartmouth Dry, Fruit Bowl, and Old Sol. They were also distributors for Moxie, Coke, and Ted’s Root Beer (named after Ted Williams). The company served an area that included most of New Hampshire and part of Vermont.

Since winters were cold and much slower, Budd’s had a bowling alley on the top floor to take care of those really slow days. The company ceased operations in 1972.


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