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When to Replace Your Roof

Your roof is like— the primo protector of your house. It’s the one taking all the punches. Between harsh winds, and even harsher heat— from snow to storms, wherever you may be, it’s no stranger to the extremes. 


But it doesn’t mean it can take the beating forever. Sure, your roof might be heavy duty (as it should!) and can withstand the seasons for the most part— but it isn’t always going to stay that way. 


Over time, your roof would deteriorate— and it would outserve its purpose. Sad? Yes. A nuisance? Very


Some of these days (we’re hoping later rather than sooner), you’ll see the toll it takes on your roof. Hey, maybe you’re even looking at it right now! You are reading this.


And we won’t let you down. Here’s how to know if you need a roof installation, again… stat!


If Your Roof is on it’s Silver Years


Then you probably shouldn’t be celebrating. 25 years is a long time, but unfortunately— it’s all your roof gets. Though a lot of different roofs have different lifespans. It all depends on the mode of installation and the material your roofer used. Sometimes it depends on how the weather can get in your area. But as we’ve mentioned, take 25 as a warning— 30, however, as a necessity.


If Your Roof is Looking Like it’s Falling Apart at the Seams


Then it probably is. Looks can tell a lot on whether your roof is in a state of disrepair. No need for complicated mumbo jumbo. Sometimes, the evidence is right in front of you. And you know best— I mean, it is your roof.


When no amount of cleaning can cover up the fact that it’s gone to rack and ruin— then we have to say… call your roofing company. Trust us, you’ll need it.


If Your Shingles Are Curling Like a Cat Showering


A roof installation is in order. This is probably the best telltale sign of a roof replacement, and it’d be best not to turn a blind eye before all the problems start rolling in. Whether it’s cracking, getting chinks on the corners, popping out in the middle, and bending out in all weird angles and even missing a few… it’s already a very, very worrisome red flag. Before it’s too late, call your roofers in. It needs a full replacement before your home is put at risk.


If Your Roof has Officially Started Being a Sponge


That could very well compromise the integrity of its structure. If you’re a bit more hands-on and well-versed in roof walking, then perhaps you could check it out yourself (safely, of course!) If it feels a bit soft and bouncy, then your roof is probably keeping in all the moisture— which is very self-destructive of it if you ask us! 


If you can, you can check if the water infiltrated the insulation, that’s another tip off. When your roof is the most important part of your home— deficits simply can’t be afforded, don’t ya think? 


So if you’re experiencing these warning signs— the solution is rather simple. Call your local roofing company now for your new roofing installation!

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